Aerobus International, Inc. Announces Final Approval from Shandong Province, China to Complete Weihai Transportation System

Aerobus Design Proves to be Cost Effective Solution for Weihai’s Transportation Needs

Houston, Texas, January 9, 2007,---Aerobus International, Inc., the only supplier of cable suspension aerial monorail transportation systems, today announced it has received final approval from the Shandong Province Ministry of Construction Committee for the engineering and design system currently under construction in Weihai, China. The final approval from the government agency insures support and funding for the project up to its completion.

Weihai is a Chinese port and tourist center on the Gulf of Chihli. The 4.36-kilometer (2.7 mile) route will cross open ocean bay water to Liugong Island, linking this popular tourist destination to the central business district. Weihai, with a population exceeding 2.4 million, is a National Model City and National Environmental City, so the transportation system design and construction had to conform to rigorous specifications.

According to the Mayor of Weihai, Mr. Yuanfang Song, “We will have sufficient capacity for increased passenger traffic thanks to the Aerobus system. The round trip from Weihai to Liugong Island and back is approximately 15 minutes. We estimate that there will be capacity to transport over 24,000 people a day.  This presents a tremendous opportunity to showcase the new transportation system.”

Aerobus technology utilizes self-powered vehicles running on a dedicated track, which is suspended by a patented cable support system much like the Golden Gate Bridge. Pylons holding the track can be spaced up to ten times farther apart than supports for conventional monorails. Routes can be established at any height above grade in order to pass over buildings, freeways and other obstructions without impeding traffic flow.

Stallings concluded, “We are gratified that the Shandong Province government has issued a final approval of the Aerobus system. We expect other Chinese municipalities and countries will follow their lead in adopting this means of transportation. We are currently in discussions with government agencies in different parts of the world about solutions for their transportation needs.”

About Aerobus

Aerobus offers a patented suspended light rail transit system solution based on Swiss technology developed over 30 years ago. The system can transport both people and cargo in urban and rural settings. It is economically and environmentally attractive compared to other mass transportation systems. The heart of the Aerobus system is an elevated track or guideway which is hung from a pre-stressed cable by a suspension system. In addition to the Weihai, China project, the Aerobus system has been installed internationally in numerous locations including Germany, Switzerland and Canada