1) What advances have been made to Aerobus?

2) What does Aerobus offer compared to conventional Light Rail Transit (LRT)?

3) What are the trade-offs as a result of the above advantages?

4) What are considered to be the main advantages of Aerobus over Light Rail Transit (LRT)?

5) What are the trade-offs with cable-supported tracks?

6) Why has not Aerobus been introduced to the urban market after the successful demonstration in
Mannheim and at the Canadian ski resort?

7) Have there been any attempts made for fully automated operation of Aerobus?

8) What is being done to develop a production Aerobus vehicle, and will it satisfy international codes and standards?

9) Does Cable-Suspended Technology offer a feasible solution to urban transportation problems in general? Or will it remain limited to service between two points?

10) What improvements have been made based on operating experience to avoid snow and ice build-up in the production system?

11) Some cable systems are reported to shut down during periods of heavy lightning, what is the effect on Aerobus?

12) In Mannheim, operation with wind conditions above 36 mph were curtailed, what are the operational specifications for the Aerobus production system?

13) What advancements and procedures in "air" rescue have been developed and furthered since 1975; beyond, vehicle push/pull to station, adjacent vehicle transfer, extension ladder, maintenance vehicle, and rescue trousers?

14) What is maximum (no splice) running cable length for a system?

15) What are the effects of temperature differentials both seasonal and daily on the Aerobus cable and power lines?

16) What corrections have been made to eliminate the slight vibration, called the "washboarding" effect in Mannheim? Are higher speeds now achievable?

17) Can Aerobus permit different size (and weight) vehicles between peak and off-peak periods?

18) Can Aerobus production vehicles operate in the reverse direction?

19) Vehicle speeds were limited during the Mannheim operations to below 30 mph. What are speed limitations for the production system?

20) What are the life-cycle-cost based comparisons between Aerobus and other elevated systems?

21) How much clearance is required for Aerobus guideways including overpasses?

22) How tall are the Pylons required for Aerobus?

23) Does maintenance become critical, especially at multi-level highway interchanges?

24) What are the emergency evacuation considerations at these locations?